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Root Fearlessly into 2021

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 12th/ 13thmarks our first lunar event of 2021 and takes place at the exact degree where Saturn and Pluto met up in 2020 and is very close by to where Pluto still resides. The Saturn Pluto meetup of 2020 was what generated the chaos and activated the desire to overhaul the system. This New Moon is wrapped tightly in the arms of Pluto and offers us a final chance to surrender. Pluto = transformation and we have a choice here to willingly surrender what really is not working for us or face the consequences of a Pluto intervention.

Mars has finally left Aries after what has felt like forever! It was in its home sign since June 29th! We can expect a change of pace as it is now in slow and steady Taurus. It will be joining Uranus for a one-to-one meetup and together, will be sending positive vibes to Venus as she travels through Capricorn, while at the same time creating havoc and tension with Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury, which are all rendezvousing in Aquarius!

The planets in Aquarius are busy mapping out the evolutionary path to take after Pluto is finished annihilating anything in the way of progress. Mars and Uranus, in Taurus, are adding the element of shock and surprise to this immensely powerful lunar event.

This is the kind of energy that can literally shatter the earth. We could expect to see earthquakes, volcanoes, explosions or something else totally unexpected! Do not let this take you off course!

The best we can do is to stay focused on personal goals and remain flexible. This is the year of transformation and transformation is messy!

Stay strong. Stay Grounded. Embrace flexibility. Be open to possibility. If it is not working, let it go.

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