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Full Moon in Capricorn Secure Your Foundation

There are two rare, back-to-back full moons in Capricorn coming up with a sweet new moon in Cancer sandwiched in between! Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet that wants to make sure we have a strong and supportive foundation.  On the opposite side of the moon in Capricorn, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the part of Fortune will all be found in the sign of Cancer, the sign that is responsible for making sure we have what we need to feel safe and secure. All these planets will be supported in a very positive way by Saturn in Pisces. Mars, in Taurus, will also be giving all these planets a hand with a relaxed and steady stream of resources available to offer opportunity and new possibilities. Pluto is sitting at 1 degree of Aquarius which will create an awkward aspect to the Sun, at 1 degree of Cancer. This is the aspect that creates the desire for change. Pluto’s job is to make us feel uncomfortable enough to get serious about transformation. It is very important that we all pay special attention to these upcoming series of lunations, especially since we have two full moons in Capricorn, one at the very beginning degree of the sign and one a month later at 29 degrees,  the very last degree of the sign, combined with the fact that later this year, Pluto will make one last trip into Capricorn and will also be hitting that same 29 degree mark. We will never have Pluto here again during our lifetimes. In Capricorn, Pluto means business! These full moons also mean business. It’s time to get serious and become determined to achieve the goals necessary to feel safe and secure and that the foundation these goals are built on, will weather all storms.

Join the circle this Wednesday, June 19th at 6pm, EST to discover what this means for you!

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