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The Truth Revealed ~ Full Moon in Scorpio

Updated: May 5

The full moon in Scorpio this Tuesday promises to illuminate anything in need of major clearing. This could be as simple as cleaning out a closet or as complex as clearing out the subconscious.  Perhaps it is time to leave a job, a relationship, a habit etc. This is the best opportunity in 2024 for letting something go and having it stay gone. My only suggestion would be to wait until Mercury goes direct on the 25th.

Once the moon enters Scorpio on the 23rd, it will find itself at odds with Pluto, the very planet that rules this sign. This can create an uncomfortable situation that is very "in your face." Sometimes that is what it takes to foster change. Shortly after this aspect, the moon and sun face off, revealing an undeniable truth. It would probably be best to release whatever surfaces at this time, even if destruction is necessary. By Wednesday, the moon will be in harmony with Saturn, offering the solution needed to move forward.

This is a tense lunation that can lead to power struggles. Pick your battles wisely and make sure whatever comes up is worth fighting for because it could be in your best interest to simply walk away.



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