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Astrological Consultations

Astrological Consultations

First time readings are always a minimum of 60 minutes and explore the natal, progressed and transiting charts. The natal chart is your soul’s blueprint and allows us to understand your life’s purpose, including the challenges and triumphs you came to experience and learn and the gifts you are here to share. The progressed chart shows us how, since your birth, your soul has evolved through your life’s experiences. Finally, the transiting chart shows us what is currently happening and how the heavenly bodies are affecting you. This is where we find timing for opportunities, challenges and, ultimately, growth!

First time readings can be booked for 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions.


Readings are a spiritual and psychological revelation of your deepest self. I always see my clients’ fullest potential and encourage growth and healing. Often clients find that 1 reading isn’t enough or that they need coaching to help them get to the breakthrough point. Therefore, follow-up sessions can be booked to help clients stay on track to achieving their highest goals.

Follow-up Sessions and Coaching can be booked for 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.



Couples readings are a great way for clients to explore each other’s soul connections, communication styles, boundaries, intimacy likes and dislikes as well as how to help each other continue to grow. Consultations include an in depth look at each client’s natal and progressed charts both separately and then combined together.


Couples readings can be booked for 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions.


Solar Return Charts are where astrology got its start! In the past, only royalty was afforded the benefit of astrological counselors and as such, they were utilized to help ensure the fate of the royal hierarchy was protected. The Solar Return chart was cast every year for their birthday, or the return of their natal sun to its’ original degree of birth. Each year, we all have a solar return, which is our birthday. This chart depicts the energy we can anticipate to experience for the entire year ahead, until our next solar return. The good news about this chart is that as the royalty did thousands of years ago, we too can change our fate by changing our physical location on our actual birthday. This is a great chart, especially if you plan to travel for your birthday anyway! The session included 3 preferred locations for the solar return and an explanation of the chart, describing the year ahead the client can expect to experience.


This session is 45 minutes.


Electional Astrology is used for picking the perfect time and date for important life events. This is a must for starting a new business, getting married, moving and buying or selling anything of significant value. It’s also a must for anyone planning to have a cesarean birth! All the research is done before the consultation.


The session is 30 minutes and covers all the aspects of the chart.

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