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Gemini Solar Eclipse

We are in between a grand finale and a stellar new beginning! The in between space can be rather uncomfortable as we experience the 2nd Saturn and Uranus square, causing feelings of growing pains and the push pull of forward progress verses holding on to the old guard.

This Solar Eclipse in Gemini is square Neptune in Pisces which creates illusions, denial and the tendency to withdrawal. It is conjunct Mercury retrograde, which creates misunderstandings, miscommunications, not following through and scattered energies. There will be lots of misinformation circulating, both intended and accidental.

Mars will be at 29 degrees Cancer, a critical degree creating heightened emotions and possibly even, “fighting words”.

It’s very important to get out of your head during this time! Become the silent observer!

Gemini rules choices and with this influence, we will find ourselves facing big ones!

If you haven’t already begun the process, meaning if you aren’t already in it, don’t start it now!! Best to wait until July!

Also, we can expect a market shake up. Don’t Panic! Ride it out!

And, if you can, buy during the dip!

To find out what this means for you personally, join our circle on

Monday, June 7th at 6:00 pm, via zoom!

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