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Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a tool developed by Bert Hellinger to heal trauma within the family system. Our ancestors have passed down their traumas to us through our family lines. These traumas show up in our life as challenges in relationships, difficulty with success and with finances, illness, depression, addiction and overall unhappiness. They don't show up just to make our lives miserable, they show up to reveal to us where we can remove blocks and restore the flow of love within our family system. Family Constellation therapy does this by consciously entering into what is called the knowing field where we are able to tap into the energies of our family systems, where it is revealed to us, through representatives, which side of our family, mother or father is involved and how many generations back the trauma began in which our fates are currently entangled. These entanglements cause us to subconsciously continue to carry the traumas that belong to our ancestors. During the constellations, we are able to acknowledge and honor our ancestors and hand their fates back to them as we accept our own, freeing us to live a life of joy and happiness, with the ability to write our own story.

During the Family Constellation session, no matter if you are the one constellating, representing or sitting in the circle observing, all who are present during the session are healing their own family systems of whatever the field is revealing. There are no coincidences when it comes to the constellations. In fact, it is through your own desire to heal your life and to live a life free to experience love, success, freedom and joy that connects you with the family constellations. It is your family system, your own ancestors leading you here and you are the one answering the call because you possess the courage and love that your family system needs to heal it.

I was first introduced to the family constellations in 2013 and became actively involved with them in 2020. Over the years, as a professional astrologer I began to discover where my clients are carrying out ancestral traumas that are preventing them from living their best life. I can see in their natal charts which side of their family this karma is stemming from and how it is affecting them psychologically and spiritually and how it causes them to repeat unwanted patterns and is holding them back in life. When I’ve informed my clients about the ancestral trauma they are carrying, they always are stunned that I know their “family secrets” and they immediately want to know how to resolve them.

Becoming a Family Constellations facilitator was the most natural next step for me as I felt drawn to and passionate about the Constellations. I feel that by combining my astrological experience with what is revealed in “the field” enables me to help my clients at the most profound level.

Here’s what others have to say about it,

I was unsure what to expect but I loved the experience. I felt I was IMMEDIATELY being helped to resolve old emotions. Kimberlee's ability to direct the energy is amazing. She's a natural guide into a place where everyone in the room benefits. I'm looking forward to experiencing a session on zoom. Margaret W.

The Family Constellation experience with Kimberlee was amazing. She started by creating a loving circle of energy and space for relaxation, openness and connection for what was about to unfold. I had no idea what to expect, but even before we got started, I felt overwhelmed by emotion! This, according to one participant, indicated I was feeling the energy. Kimberlee artfully guided the person being constellated, with care and grace, and the participants chosen by that person (representing family members that only that constellated person knew). Through Kimberlee's questions, and participants responses, the energetics of relationships were revealed, family dynamics unfolded, and some powerful healing and discoveries were made. Be prepared though, you may feel exhausted or drained afterwards, as it gets deep into levels of emotions and family history that were quite unexpected! Kimberlee is a truly gifted healer/consultant able to sensitively orchestrate deep healing through the revelations gained in Family Constellation. Sandy B.

Kimberlee is truly a gifted family constellation facilitator. I have attended several of her sessions, both as a participant and as the person being constellated. Something magical happens inside the circle and Kimberlee is part of the reason. She intuitively understands how to work each session so movement and healing occur. I highly recommend attending one of her sessions. Whether you are in need of healing or just curious, you're in for a worthwhile experience. Judy L. I was a little skeptical as to what family constellations was and what it could do for me. No longer! Kimberlee's gentle guidance was astounding and I got answers to questions I have had my entire adult life. The experience was uplifting and I would recommend Kimberlee's family constellations to anyone seeking answers to family issues. Bill W.

I was amazed and grateful for the results from my Ancestral Constellations group session with Kimberlee. There was healing from deep wounds from my past marriage of many years ago. I felt lighter and like a new person after lingering toxic emotions were recognized and released with Kimberlee"s guidance. It was amazing and magical. Diane B.

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