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Cancer New Moon

This New Moon is giving us the opportunity for profound healing. Pluto and Neptune are joining the dance, giving us the perfect opportunity to let go of power struggles and unconscious tendencies towards self-sabotage while waking us up to the possibility of change. This is chance to elevate our soul’s path. The key is honesty. This new moon is asking us to be frank with ourselves about what is really going on inside. Pluto gives us the power to realize our truth and surrender what isn’t working, while Neptune allows us to see the true nature of our spiritual self. Since we also have Mars and Venus having a rendezvous in Leo, creating passion and excitement, it is imperative to clear out what is holding us back so we can embrace all the juicy goodies waiting for us!

To find out what this means for you personally, join our circle tonight,

Thursday, July 8th at 6:30 pm, via zoom!

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