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Showdowns and Slowdowns

I wish I could say I’m loving the aspects of the upcoming full moon in Gemini……..but….I’m not. They will challenge us in many ways. For one, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is having some issues! It is in Sagittarius; its sign of detriment which can lead to exaggerations and an over sharing of information. Remember to think before you speak and have all your facts straight and if in doubt, keep quiet! It is also in an exact square to Neptune which makes it difficult to know what truth is and what is embellished. Mercury has also entered its shadow phase as it begins to slow down for its upcoming retrograde which can begin to create slowdowns and delays. The messenger of the gods also finds himself smack in the middle of a showdown delegating a major entanglement between Pluto in Capricorn, still working to transform the old order of banks, businesses and governments, Venus and the south node in Libra, who are encouraging the healing of past relationships through diplomacy and justice and the north node and Chiron in Aries which are done talking and are ready to fight for personal freedom now. The sun, Mars and Mercury are all in the sign of Sagittarius, indicating this is playing out on the world stage. Luckily, the sign of Sagittarius is flexible and optimistic and puts ethics above all else. Saturn also finds himself tangled in this web as it forms a square to the sun, moon and Mars adding to the slowdowns and shutdowns to communications and travel. The bigger picture here is to take it easy, slow down before you get slowed down. And choose which information deserves your attention. There is an overload coming in and circuits can easily be fried. Looking ahead to the astrology of 2024 and 2025, I can see that things are changing and not necessarily getting easier. Shut off the news. Turn off the radio. Stop checking social media and be present to fully enjoy the ones who mean the most to you. Wherever Gemini falls in your chart is where you are being asked to be more in the present moment, to disconnect and choose what you wish to reconnect to.

The moon circle is on Monday, November 27th at 5pm EST available in person or via zoom. It’s $22 to attend.

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