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New Moon in Virgo ~ The Gift of Reset

This is the reset we've been waiting for!! Just don't expect things to go back to how they were before Venus and Mercury went retrograde. Thanks to Uranus being in the mix of this new moon, this reset will be a new start. A fresh start! An opportunity for a major redo. What a wonderful gift this late in the year. 2023 is drawing to a close. What didn't work out? What can still work out? And what needs to be worked out? Hopefully you've been using the Venus and Mercury retrograde energies to explore where you are and where you want to be. The energy will begin moving forward again rapidly and has the potential to radically improve things. Remember, just like the earth that Virgo rules, the more that is cleared, the more space there is to plant seeds for new growth. Tend to the garden of your being. Do some weeding, tilling and harvesting.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is associated with SERVICE! Not only is it important to ask how to best use your skills and talents to serve others, but also to look deep within and make sure that you too are being served! Virgo rules health, therefore, this is an excellent time to cleanse body, mind and soul! And now that Mercury and Venus will be direct, it could be a good idea to visit doctors for checkups. The part of the body that Virgo rules is the nervous system and intestines. This is the whole mind gut connection. If anyone is having any digestive issues or finds themselves struggling with being nervous or having anxiety, this is the best time of the year to address it, heal it and make lasting and permanent changes!

Some Virgo key words are, details, organization, critical thinking, service, work, routines, efficiency, healers, diet, health, exercise, perfectionists, worry and criticism. On the negative side of Virgo, there is a tendency to be more self-critical and critical of others. The best use of this energy is to examine your own goals and plans, make lists and see what can be eliminated and what could be nourished!

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