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I Believe, do you?

Sagittarius always asks us to go BIG or go BIGGER! And this New Moon preceded  by Mercury turning retrograde is an opportunity to check in with your dreams and aspirations. The North Node in Aries is beautifully aligned with this lunation offering serendipitous opportunities for cosmic synchronicities and destined encounters. New doors will open and some old ones might reappear too! Mars is close by and sending the green light to Chiron that it's time to let go of past hurts and karmic patterns and relationships that are getting in the way of experiencing joy and pleasure. Use this new moon energy and retrograde period to check in with your highest spiritual aspirations.  Is your spirit happy? Are you inspired? Inspiration comes from spirit flowing through you. Tis the season to remember the magic and power of believing. I believe! Do you?

Click the link below to join the moon circle in person or via zoom this Tuesday, December 12th at 5pm. It’s $22 to attend

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