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Constellations, Putting the Pieces (back) Together 

Its been exactly 1 week since the constellations workshop and I’ve needed all 7 days to process and digest what just happened! I’ve sat down to write about it several times and no words would come. Today, 1 week later, the words are finally flowing. If you haven’t attended a Shamanic Family Constellations workshop, it could be difficult to understand the transformational effects that are ignited. As an anthropology major, once studying cross cultural healers, having documented and experienced dozens of practices, rituals and methods, I can only compare the effects of last week’s workshop to similar results from Native American sweat lodges. The 2 processes are in no way the same, however by the end of them, I find that I have pushed through something and that I will not be leaving as the same person who entered. And always, always after a sweat lodge ceremony I could expect a change in direction for my life’s course. I feel the same way now. The feeling can be slightly confusing and uncomfortable mixed with relief, excitement, peace and joy. The challenge is, there is no return to the old ways, the familiar habits of programmed, emotional responses that we had when we entered the ceremony, because the old emotions that prompted those responses no longer exists. That energy is then freed up to focus on new goals of happiness and life.

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