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2023 Year Ahead Calendar Workshop

Mark your calendars, the 2023 year ahead class will be on Saturday January 14th, 2023!

2023 promises not to be a dull year! Three planets will be changing signs, one of them being Pluto which marks the beginning of a new era. The theme for 2023 is “Into the Future”. Buckle your seatbelts because time is about to speed up, again! We can expect lots of technical and medical innovations and advancements in space exploration and artificial intelligence. Saturn moving into Pisces can bring about spiritual awakenings at its best and massive flooding at its worst. Jupiter will be transiting through 2 signs, Aries and Taurus. In Aries we get a fresh start and in Taurus an opportunity to reexamine our value system and what is truly sustainable. The nodes will begin to move from Scorpio and Taurus to Aries and Libra shifting our priorities to personal freedom and justice. And of course, we have plenty of retrogrades, including Venus turning backwards in Leo. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of 2023 is that we will begin the year with Mercury in retrograde in Capricorn and then end it with Mercury also retrograde in Capricorn. This suggests we could see lots of changes in government and business entities. Old systems that no longer support the way of the future will continue to topple. It will no longer be business as usual as corruption continues to be revealed.

Registration opens January 1st. It’s $88 to attend. This class will be held both in person and on zoom.

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