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Jupiter Enters Gemini

Jupiter is known as a great benefic, King of the gods!  It shows our luck, where and how good things will come to us and reveals our ability to grow in consciousness in our higher mind. It is the planet of opportunities, personal wealth, social prominence, professional prestige and even high political office! Jupiter is associated with growth expansion, hope and optimism. In Taurus, Jupiter has been stifled and unable to fully express itself. On May 25th, Jupiter will move into Gemini, where it hasn't been since 2013! This is a huge game changer in which modes of communication and travel will get a major overhaul. There will be new opportunities through technological advancements. This energy will feel like it is moving at the speed of light compared to the snail’s pace effect that Taurus has had on Jupiter. We will only get a year of this energy before Jupiter moves into Cancer in June of 2025. Wherever Jupiter is activating your chart is where you can expect things to come easily to you. This is where doors will open and where you will want to invest your energy for the biggest return.

To help you make sure you maximize the good fortune planet, I am hosting a workshop where you will discover where you have Jupiter in your natal chart, which phase you are in in the Jupiter cycle, where Jupiter is currently transiting your chart and what aspects Jupiter will be making during its transit in Gemini!


It’s $44 to join this workshop om Tuesday, May 28th at 6pm.

I will need time to prepare so you must register by no later than Monday May 27th!!!

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