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Full Super Moon in Aquarius

The full moon in Aquarius is a great reminder of the importance of striking a balance between getting caught up in the distracting hustle and bustle of the material plane and staying connected to our soul’s higher purpose. Aquarius energy deals with unconventional ideas and thinking outside of the box and rules things like technology, the internet, alternative healing, individuality, wishes and even astrology! It is the sign of utopianism and with Mars and Jupiter in alignment, this could be a real long-term possibility. However, the nodes and Pluto continue to be entangled with each other, signaling that to reach these higher ideals, surrender and a change in direction will be necessary. Venus is still in her retrograde motion and advises us to look to our values and priorities for a clue as to what could be let go of. This is the first of 2 full super moons in store for us this August and is best used by reconnecting with your higher ideals and goals. The second full moon will be in the sign of Pisces offering us a chance to let our spirit be our guide. Join the moon circle in person or via zoom this Tuesday, August 1st at 5pm. I’ll be including a guided ritual to manifest a wish. Make sure to have a candle and a lighter handy. It’s $22 to attend.

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