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Time to Enter the Portal to the Future

This is probably the biggest astrological event of 2021! When Saturn and Jupiter united in Aquarius on the Winter Solstice of 2020, they formed the gateway to the future. Now at the New Moon in Aquarius, we are invited to enter! This is a very exciting time! As we enter, we are invited to shed all that we no longer wish to experience in exchange for living the life of our highest ideals. This is truly a "make a wish" planetary alignment!

Because this is such a BIG event, I have a BIG circle planned! We will have 3 special guests!! Catherine Heymsfeld will be guiding us in a meditation to clear out our 3rd eye chakras so that there will be no clutter or confusion as we move forward. Next, Paula Shaw will help us to alter our DNA to prepare us for moving forward towards the future. Finally, Susan Coffey will take us on a journey to connect us with our future selves as we begin stepping into alignment with our soul's highest purpose! We'll be discussing the planetary energy and the influence on your personal natal chart to discover where the portal is opening for you! Register here.

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